An update on the OneTeamGov Leeds movement and fortnightly meet-up, which takes place every other Wednesday.

Poster of the OneTeamGov principles —
Poster of the OneTeamGov principles —
Poster of the OneTeamGov principles

OneTeamGov is a movement about improving public services and changing the way we work.

In many ways, it reminds me of the Global GovJam. There are loose structures, guidelines, principles. The culture makes people feel safe. Safe to share, collaborate, and try new things. No one organisation owns these events, there is freedom to create the future together.

The simple act of different people coming together triggers new actions from new connections — new meet-ups, new moments.

The Leeds movement

Leeds OneTeamGov meet-up started in November 2017. Sharon had been to a London meet-up and thought we could do it here.

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Leeds Service Design 2017 at ODI Leeds

Leeds Service Jam is a part of the Global Service Jam. A not-for-profit ‘learning by doing’ event connecting people around the world. Jams are about having fun and play with a purpose. They are about innovation, collaboration and problem-solving around a global theme.

Over 48 hours, Jam participants (Jammers) form teams and learn about service design by doing it. There is a focus on action which helps move everyone through the creative design process. This includes researching problems and prototyping solutions inspired by the global theme. It also means exploring design tools and methods through ‘doing not talking’. Prototypes get…

Emma works out loud in the Digital Delivery Centre

NHS Digital is transforming health and care services in a fast-changing digital age. You can read more about this on their blog as they ‘work out loud’.

NHS Digital delivers national IT, systems and infrastructure from its Digital Delivery Centre in Leeds — a working space that clearly speaks to its values. A visit to the Digital Delivery Centre last week provided insights into these values and what makes teams work well. Here are five top takeaways.

1. Collaboration is enabled

When you enter the space, it is striking how open it is and how people are enabled to collaborate. Teams that need…

Leeds Poverty Truth Commission launched in 2014 to explore the question: ‘What if people who have directly faced poverty were involved in decisions about poverty?’

Leeds Poverty Truth intro film

I first got involved with Leeds Poverty Truth in 2016 as one of 20 or so business and civic commissioners. Being a commissioner with Leeds Poverty Truth is a year-long journey. This involves monthly meet ups and various other interactions with testifying commissioners who have lived experience of poverty. Sometimes the full Commission meets or we meet in small groups. Sometimes we meet spontaneously as individuals. Most meet ups take…

Leeds GovJam is like a music jam where people come together to make good stuff…

Leeds GovJam is a learning and problem solving event kicking off this week at ODI Leeds. Here, participants will form teams and collaborate rapidly in prototyping solutions to public sector problems using service design tools and techniques. Leeds GovJam brings together citizens and people working in different sectors and this diversity is key to unlocking the jam’s potential. This is because Leeds GovJam is like a music jam where people come together to make good stuff that they could not do on their own.

Speaking of good stuff, here are 5 reasons why I love Leeds GovJam…

1. Everyone problem-solving around a global theme

Leeds GovJam is…

Working in digital — thinking beyond the tech (photo from Leeds GovJam)

Today I was invited to speak to students at the University of Leeds during Leeds Digital Festival. The purpose was to share some learning, experiences and challenges of working in digital and to offer some tips. So, I shared five things that I wish I’d known more about when starting out in the hope that it might help others. I share them again here with the same aim...

1. Don’t assume people know what digital is…

The ace Janet Hughes from Doteveryone recently published an excellent article called ‘Helping Leaders Understand Digital’. …

Google Maps —

Taking place at the Open Data Institute Leeds collaboration space from Friday 17 February to Sunday 19 February, Leeds Service Jam is a part of Global Service Jam — an annual event that connects people around the globe through a common purpose.

Learning by doing and having fun​

The purpose is to learn more about service design (ie to make something useful and human-centred) by doing service design — and to have a tonne of fun and meet new people while doing it. …

Friday and Saturday saw #HighwaysHack innovation event take place at ODI Leeds. It was organised by Chris Barnes, Open Data Lead for Highways England, and attended by around 100 people.

At #HighwaysHack participants split into teams to generate solutions based on challenges identified by Highways England. Several solutions explored issues of journey planning and using open data to plug into transport planning tools. Solutions produced by the teams included:

Little Car Counter — an accessible traffic counting application, designed cheaply using a simple web cam, generating open data for upload to the web.

Route Rater 2.0 — an effective Excel-based…

Team working. Photo credit: Jonathan Pow

Hartlepool Action Lab launched on 16 June with a fast-paced four-day event. Attended by a fantastic group of 30 people, most local to the town, there was an incredible amount of experience, skills and knowledge in the room. All were focused on building community, reducing poverty and making life better for everyone who lives in Hartlepool. True to its name, a bias towards action is a working principle of the Hartlepool Action Lab, which is being supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and three human-centred design facilitators, Paul, Andi and Garen from Community Solutions.

Here are my top five takeaways…

It’s been over a week since Leeds GovJam, part of Global GovJam, the 48-hour collaboration event designed to kick-start innovation through providing solutions to public sector challenges. That’s more than enough time to get back to ‘normal’, the everyday, and to reflect on what was learned this year. I’ve been volunteering for Leeds GovJam and Leeds Service Jam since 2014, helping local hosts run these remarkable events.

Being a jam helper has helped me learn loads about service design, design thinking and how small acts of creativity can create bigger change over time. …

Lisa J Jeffery

I am interested in digital culture and change. And I like helping people connect, collaborate and innovate for social good. Currently regional @GDSTeam

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