How to Go Viral in Brazil
Rachel Glickhouse

Lived in Brazil, loved it, yet there were certain things that drove me crazy. Brazilians complain about the corruption and the government, yet are the first to use ‘jeitinho’ to facilitate the little things in life. But GOD FORBID you criticize Brazil for the same things they complain about. Being a gringo, you are easily put up on a pedestal but if you dare criticize their way of doing things, they will tear you down so fast, you won’t know what hit you. Brazilians are very welcoming, but there enough of them that are only out for themselves (Lei do Gerson-Gerson’s Law)that it does ruin it for the good eggs.

The other thing that is annoying is the utter resignational attitude. So you are ok with rampant crime and inequality? Really? “Relaxa Gringa, nao se estresse, o Brasil e assim mesmo”= “ Chill out Gringa, don’t stress, Brazil is like that.” The crap that goes on in the government in Brazil would cause riots in the streets in other countries. I lost count of the corruption cases that were on the TV. After a while you tune out and give up, just like the Brazilians.

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