Just Stop It With The Melania Shaming

But don’t skimp on what she deserves to be ashamed of…

If you think you’re doing women a favor by bashing Melania Trump for showing off her body, think again. Pleased as I am that it might turn off some conservatives, I can’t get behind this. So I wanna get in front of it

The idea that sexy and powerful are mutually exclusive thoughts seems to only apply to women.

Do you really believe world leaders AREN’T thinking about what other world leaders look like naked? Do YOU think about it? Come on. Haven’t we all posted a beefcake Obama shot? Or Trudeau??? Obama and Trudeau, also people. And people think about sex.

What’s truly inexcusable is how Divider-in-Chief Donald Trump used the fact Ghazala Khan didn’t speak at the DNC against her, and her husband, the organizers of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and by extension of course, Lucifer. No, wait. Hmm. Well, whatever, it was clearly sexist! Because whether women want to be silent, or show their bodies, or have delicious sex, or not do any of the above (because the flip side is also damning for women — she’s too vocal, too unattractive, too frigid), people, yes people, will find a way to criticize them for it. There is no winning. And that’s the whole point when we rely on gender stereotypes to score points.

For Michelle Obama, merely exposing her arms was considered shameful. For Hillary Clinton, it’s the pants.

Of course we let men off the hook for this kind of stuff all the time. Yes, it has torpedoed some pols, but not others like Roosevelt, JFK, the Bill… but OH, wait! Let’s condemn Hillary for Bill’s peccadilloes, too! Hey, at least the Donald seems to marry ’em, amirite?? For some reason, we nod at outsized men with outsized libidos. Women, not so much.

How about, instead of posting those “condemning” pics, focus on her falsified degree? That truly is disgusting.