Dear Melania, you’re First Lady now–start acting like it.

You and I are worlds apart. So far apart I cannot even understand your existence. What I mean by that — your husband is so unappealing to me, I struggle to understand how any woman would find him attractive. No matter the size of his bank account.

This is the life you chose. You said, “I do.” Hopefully that other stuff like “till death parts us” and “for better or for worse” means more to him with you than it did his first two wives. You certainly have held up your end of the bargain in that department.

But I digress.

You were with him during the campaign. I don’t know what your thoughts were then, maybe you too thought it was impossible for him to win. But here we are. And here YOU are. First Lady.

Sure, it’s somewhat of a misogynistic role. The man is expected to do the “real work” while wifey stays home and plans parties. I get it, some of it doesn’t sit well with me either.

But this is what you chose. You knew this before November 9. And now honey, it’s time for you to do your job.

You can define the role like many other women did before you. You can redefine and help erase the stigma of alcoholism, you can help decrease childhood obesity…the world is your oyster. Do you know how many women would love the chance to do what you get to do? A chance to make their mark?

And yet, you’re just wasting the time away in your ivory tower 100 miles away. I get it. We ALL get it. It’s no secret that there are a zillion internet jokes about not wanting to live with him. That part we understand. But you chose this.

As one of my blog readers said, “When you become a high ranking public servant, whether it’s mayor, governor, president, officer in the military — it’s a family thing. If she didn’t want to be FLOTUS, then he should not have run.”

So as many legislators have heard at their town halls…it’s time to do your job.

I’m actually a tad jealous of you, despite not fully understanding you. Much like your husband, I don’t want to be President. But man, would I love to be First Lady. To have the chance to pick my causes and make my mark….I can’t even begin to comprehend the difference I would be able to make for millions of disabled children and public education, acceptance in the workplace…I get dizzy thinking about it. And you’re wasting your opportunity.

You said you had a cause — internet bullying. Seemed like an odd choice, but hey, a worthy one. Kids do commit suicide as a result of internet bullying, so your work could actually save lives. If you ever step up to the plate. Not sure what you’re waiting for.

America expects a First Lady. America needs a First Lady. Misogynistic….yet valuable. We need successful Easter Egg Rolls and tree lightings. We need a hostess who can entertain and plan a lovely yet serious seder dinner. Where are you? Why are you not doing this?

It might seem silly and frivolous to have to design and order wooden eggs. But you know who doesn’t think it is silly? Children. Every year, we get ours out and my kids look at them, talk about them, talk about our visit to the White House Easter Egg Roll. Those wooden eggs bring back wonderful memories of a wonderful day. If you think that you are “above” doing this task, then you’re out of touch. At the very least, you have not even hired staff to do this task for you, should you choose not to do it (which apparently you have).

Why do you think it is ok to repeatedly disappoint Americans? First it was the WH visits not being available. Then the seder dinner, now the disaster that will be the Easter Egg Roll. Children are counting on you. Families are counting on you. When we went to the Easter Egg Roll a few years ago, it was such a proud moment for us. THIS is America, I said to my kids. THIS is the White House, the people’s house. Why are you not as proud of America, the WH and DC as others? Are you so trapped in your own bubble that you haven’t taken the time to understand how important this is to so many Americans?

You have a front row box seat in one of the most exciting roles and cities in this country — and you’re wasting it. It screams of privilege when you have such an opportunity presented to you and choose not to take it.

Your lack of enthusiasm is palpable. You can excuse it away (your son) any way you choose, but the fact is, we’re not buying it. Sure, moms get it. It’s tough to switch schools. But with your wealth, a wealth that 99% of Americans cannot relate to, I think the consensus is that he’d adjust. Because kids do. At this point, it just looks like a weak excuse — dozens of POTUS kids before yours have successfully transitioned and changed schools. It just doesn’t add up.

Maybe the biggest surprise to Americans is that we were unaware that the First Lady job was optional. I wasn’t aware. I hope that this is the case, and it’s not what many Americans are thinking — that your husband is so biased himself that he cannot handle a strong woman working beside him. That he’s afraid that any successes that you might have might throw shade on him.

That would be, in his words, sad.