Fragile Conversations, Handle With Care
Bailey Anderson

Bailey, I admire you so for sharing your truth, your diagnosis, your reality and its pitfalls. I once married a man (far too quickly after meeting him, but I loved him so) who did not reveal to me until a crisis in his behaviour that he had also been diagnosed with Borderline. We had been married about a month and the episode and his reveal were terrifying to me. The episodes continued, he was extremely abusive and my children’s lives were being affected. In the end, we got divorced after only six months. My belief has always been that he should have told me before we got married. Would I have married him? I can’t say — it was many years ago and I may have simply been overwhelmed with single parenting and running a business at the time, and may have decided I couldn’t handle the care needed for him. Your story gives me a new perspective on Borderline and the complexities of partnering with someone with whom you must share your diagnosis.

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