I was brave to choose this life.

Of all the lifetimes I could have chosen, from those of royalty and fame, health and ease, to wealth and privilege, I chose this one. Poverty, pain, loss, suffering. And many years of those, decades even.

Yes, there has been love — much love, otherwise I could never have endured the endless days, weeks, months and years of struggle. Beneath it all, there was a river flowing in which lovers and children and friends floated along and through, each giving some measure of comfort and elegance.

Being divine, and knowing that finding human form is an adventure like no other, I chose one in which I could expand even further beyond the wings I’d already earned, eons ago.

Heaven is not an end, a goal. It is a constant state of spiritual beingness. It is the choices we make before we arrive, it is the choices we make while we are here. We make those choices from a mix of our divine inner beingness, a desire for spiritual expansion and the stories we weave through the people around us. That beingness is always present, but so many of us allow the stories to drown out its voice. We doubt our divinity more and more as we travel through the restraints of time and space, of bleeding and breaking.

I was brave to choose this life. You are brave, too. Sit and be still, and know that the God within you, that still, small voice, is still speaking, always has been, always will be. Allow the noise from the stories to fade away, every day, for an hour or so as you begin your day. You will hear the voice of God — the divine inner beingness that is your essence. You will see how brave you’ve been, and remind yourself that your courage is to be admired and revered — by you as well as others in their beingness. Don’t fret if they don’t seem to get it — you will show them by your grace as you forge ahead in the mission that is your expansion.

No matter what appears to others in your life’s circumstances, no matter how bleak it may seem to you at times, as you face another day of wanting relief from whatever struggles appear to be blocking your dreams or what may seem like ease to you, that stillness each day will guide you through it and show you, in the long run, how courageous you’ve been.

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