This is not normal & I will not hide how much this hurts.
Crista Anne

Crista Anne, you beautiful soul. Your every word seared through my body — which has been through so many assaults I can’t even remember them all. But the feelings that have erupted this past week, the memories that have crawled out of their hiding places have made it impossible for me, too, to turn away from the cacophony of denial in the airwaves. My soul has been in a healing mode for several years now as I attempt to cure a chronic illness that has been manifesting since, coincidentally, about the time I was first experiencing the worst abuse over 30 years ago, and I have made much progress into peace within myself. But this past couple of weeks have seen me sliding back into a place of anger, stress, pain, separateness, judgment — of myself and mostly of others, the deniers, the re-victimizing supporters of this horrifying candidate.

I am deeply grateful to you for spilling your depth of understanding over into words, into the politisphere where hopefully many will stop and *think* about the possibility that, if their guy were to prevail, we would be facing at least four years of unrivaled anger coming from over half the population, from women like you, and like me.

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