Not Knowing How To Help
Zaira Abbas

Dear Zaira, you are a true and devoted friend. I wish you many blessings as you invest your heart in helping your friend heal. Theses supportive messages you’ve received all include such warm and loving advice, and I’d like to add something I feel is very important — for YOU.

Having been through depression myself, having had friends with such challenges, and sadly, having lost some friends and even a family member to impossible, life-ending depression, I have seen what can happen to those around the depressed. As it is so important to support your friend and offer the Love that can give him something to hold onto, it is of utmost importance that you be sure and realize that it is HE who must make the choices for his life. It is only he who can find within himself the strength to CHOOSE to heal, to want to find joy in his life, to accept the Love you offer. And this is important: if he cannot do that, you must remember that you have done all you can do to Love him, you have reached out to him — and to total strangers here — to find ways to give him what strength you have to share. Whatever his life brings, however he chooses to continue — or not to continue, to try and overcome this debilitating depression, you must not allow it to dampen your lust for life, your joy and the Light that you shine on others. For it is only through your Light that you can continue to ease darkness for yourself and for others.

In other words, as you care for your friend, please remember to take care of your own heart. Yes, you are a true friend….and I wish you many, many blessings.

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