Yes, neo-feminist psycho-babble spin aside — I read the piece and, in my opinion, that’s all it was…
Paul Frantizek

This is what’s really wrong in this country: complete lack of both compassion and willingness to open one’s mind to other possibilities. I won’t even say your blindness to the truth is because you’re a man — I know men who actually DO have the intelligence and wisdom to understand this. As a woman who has experienced exactly the kind of assaults these women are reporting, I assure you, the thought of “reporting it at the time” is not on one’s radar. It’s almost always a situation where the man is in a powerful position relative to the victim, and her reporting it would absolutely be disregarded and she would be re-victimized by losing her job or, at the least, her reputation in her field or community. You are a BIG part of the problem.

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