The Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

Lisa mackay
Jun 13 · 2 min read

As the use of marijuana among adult continue to be fully legalized in different states in America as well as Canada, lots of people may be wondering what will become of the medical marijuana dispensaries as well as the medical cannabis cardholders. What does it imply being a medical marijuana patient in a setting where almost every person can walk into a cannabis dispensary and obtain marijuana legally for recreational use provided they can present an ID? That question may seem futile going to your physician for a medical marijuana card because they see no benefits. Nevertheless, there are a lot of gains a patient can benefit by being a medical cannabis card holder. We have outlined a few benefits you can attain by having a medical card.

First and foremost, when you have a medical cannabis card, you will not need to go through the waiting process. Even though adults can legally purchase cannabis, it can be had to find any for a limited period. From crafting or formulating a licensing system to creating the laws, the state administrators have their labor cut out for them. With a medical marijuana card, you do not have to go through the waiting period.

Another thing about being a medical cannabis card holder is that one can be exempted from the age requirements or limits. Recreational cannabis dispensary or shops are allowed to sell marijuana to buyers over the age of 21. Although it may seem sensible for the general public, kids who are marijuana patients will not access to the products. However, when a patient has the medical cannabis card, he or she is not prohibited by the law on age limit to access marijuana regardless of age. An individual 20 years and below can still lawfully obtain medical cannabis to treat their conditions. That will be very different from recreational marijuana users; however — therefore, there should be a clear distinction between the two.

The other benefit is associated with costs and taxes. Most of the medical dispensaries offer lower prices for the cannabis patients, which a benefit that cannot be overlooked, especially for people who require marijuana for medical conditions. Medical marijuana cards enable medical patients to have access to lower prices for their prescriptions, which cuts down the expense related to the medication. You can avoid sharing the burden of taxation with the dispensary a privilege that recreational shops will not offer. Read more here.

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