How I found a new way to work abroad: Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree

Once there was gumptious, spirited woman who loved to travel and live abroad while earning her bread and butter …who am I kidding I’m still that woman…always have been, always will be. Also, I like to eat bread and butter, LOTS OF IT, it’s “healthier” abroad ;-).

See, doesn’t the basil just make it LOOK that much more healthier ;-).

Generally my work involves being 1-on-1 with a client, teaching life changing techniques of self-empowerment to be used in their everyday lives. I would say that “I help empower others to be self-empowered”. My favorite aspect of my work is that I can travel at the same time… provided that there is wifi floating around lol.

Overtime I began to realize that I wasn’t quite as happy as before. I was sitting there feeling drained when I had an epiphany! I was totally over my work! Done! Kaputt! Finished! I no longer wanted to participate in the same old fashioned way of doing things. It was time to make changes!

I was done feeling resentful of how I was using my time. Working with just one person at any given moment, when I could potential work with groups of people. Empowering more people at any given time? While having more personal days to myself while traveling?! Hello! Sign me up! Just the thought of continuing in the same old mindset, made my face tick in strange places.

Had I been a cat while having that face ticking thoughts lol.

That’s when it clicked! I had become a workaholic…no time for myself, resenting time constraints, when in reality my belief system was the problem. As I have told many a client that had found themselves in this very predicament,“Either change or get out of the way.” It was high time to practice what I preach. Burnout central no more!

Totally drained, I begin to search online for alternatives that could over time maintain my preferred lifestyle. I concluded that I wasn’t quite ready to give up my current profession completely and researched how other professionals in my field had cut out the 1-on-1 aspects to embrace the ability to reach out to group settings, allowing for more downtime.

I noticed that the professionals that appeared to be successful had a very active online presence. So I begin to search the terms “how to have a successful online presence?” etc., and THAT is how I found Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nano Degree program (DMND). FREEEDOOOM!

On the beach with new found freedom…such joy! :-)

After researching the various digital marketing courses available online, I settled with Udacity’s DMND program due to several facts:

  1. You build a portfolio during the course via real-world projects.
  2. It’s a 3 month program, meaning I can get on with my new life plans at at faster pace.
  3. A full range of digital marketing specialties are covered. Which means as I adapt my work to digital only, I’ll be able to build a successful online presence.

While I don’t expect to change my career format overnight, I already feel happier with each DMND project I complete along the way; learning new life changing skills through Udacity’s DMND program.