Why I’m excited to join August Capital

How I came to join August says a lot about this firm and why I’m excited to be here.

My friend Albert

In 2014, I was standing in a large lecture hall at Harvard Law School, shoving my spiral notebook and my thick red legal textbook into my bright yellow backpack, when my friend Albert, who knew I was excited about VC, came up and invited me to a lunch that he was organizing. The guest speaker at Albert’s lunch event was David Hornik. David’s talk was part description of the venture business, part standup. He focused on the importance of relationships. In particular, he talked about how being helpful was contagious and that the more folks he’d helped the more help he’d seemed to get.

My friend Amelia; photo credit: www.amelialin.com

Two years later, I sat at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View across from my friend Amelia. She is a force of nature and had launched a product discovery website; I was interviewing her for a project I had started to feature female founders. At the end of the interview, Amelia told me about a recent conversation she’d had with none other than David Hornik, during which David had tried to convince her to be a VC. Amelia is an entrepreneur at heart, but she knew that I was excited about it and so she offered to introduce me to David.

And so, in April 2016, I found myself on the phone with David, pacing back and forth in a cubby room at Harvard Business School, pitching him on the idea of hiring me.

It was through my friendships with Albert and Amelia that I had the good fortune to meet David and the team at August. Adam Grant got it right in “Give and Take” — David gave to the students of HLS, I gave to a community of incredible entrepreneurs including Amelia, and Amelia gave me the introduction of a lifetime. Arriving at August wasn’t a process that happened quickly. It took multiple encounters, over many years. It was the result of a string of people paying it forward. And that’s the same way that August approaches investing: build deep and long-term relationships with entrepreneurs, make ourselves useful, and invest in people who do the same.

It’s one of the things that excites me most about my job.

I’m excited to be part of the team.

Day one at August Capital