Live In Your Moment

There is a lot of media discussion lately surrounding living in the moment, especially as it relates to technology.

There’s one snippet recently where Jennifer Lawrence smacked a journalist with the remark: “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro — you’ve got to live in the now.”

But what does living in the moment or the now really mean?

Certainly it means it should matter who is making the statement.

Living in the moment should be based on what is important to you. It should be based on what you value as your important keepsake moments of time — one of your most precious human resources.

Living in the moment doesn’t necessarily mean turning off technology.

It’s about making a choice. Your choice. My choice. And everyone else’s.

The choice of listening to your favorite podcast. Binge watching your favorite TV shows. Checking up with friends on Facebook. Snapchatting. Eating dinner with your family. Grabbing drinks with your friends. Taking a nap. Reading a book. Sleeping. Doing nothing.

These are all examples of the living in the moment.

Each one of us should have the freedom to choose, and not be ridiculed or judged for what impassions us, excites us, entertains us.

Just remember: Your agendas are not always other’s agendas.