How Would a Buddhist Monk Solve the Classic “Trolley Problem”?
Sam Littlefair

I wonder if the response would ever change if you threw unconscious bias in… for example ‘the guy alone on the other track is a renown paediatric neurosurgeon who can save many lives of small children in the future’.

Or if you posed the question to Christians ‘the guy on the bridge is the pope’.

I wonder if the answers would be the same.

Or if you took it even further and used racial unconscious bias and said the guy on the track alone is a white middle class male and the 5 are young black men?

Could you even go even worse and say the guy on the bridge is black, or the guy on the bridge is a serial killer, or the guy on the bridge has no job or family.

Would people answer differently. I find this question mixed with unconscious bias to be the most interesting. I feel that it wouldn’t just be psychopaths and economists that push the guy of the bridge if the person was labelled.

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