by Lisa J.Moore

President Roosevelt said the attack on Pearl Harbor would be, “a day that would live in infamy”.

History will say whatever it will, but 75 years later when we remember this day….we need to remember the impact it had on millions and their families that is lasting even to this day.

Because of this day, my father- in-law was drafted to fight the Japanese on the island of Okinawa with the navy.

Quite the reluctant hero, he was a farmer, not a fighter. The oldest child of his family.

During his deployment his assignment was to bring supplies and men to the island from the main ship with a smaller craft.

He suffered severe life threatening injuries, and had to be shipped back home.

He managed to get marry and have a son, who became my husband. It was not easy, and was a life full of pain…even with simple tasks.It is a wonder my husband was born!

Yes, people can talk about our response to the attack, and how the war ended. No choices were given. No talk of compromise or surrender was put forward after the attack on Pearl Harbor. None.

Take time today to remember those whose lives were forever changed by this act of war.

Also, take the time to realize why the leadership of Japan ordered the strike on Pearl Harbor and not the mainland United States…..

Because they KNEW our citizenry was armed….

and we were not an easy target for take over in the traditional sense.

May it always be so.

Now, our biggest threats are brought straight into this country and given sanctuary.

May that ……change

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