I’m beginning to find out that I do best with weight loss if I have a very strict regiment of the…
Chantelle Clark

I figure skate, Chantelle Clark, which I happened into 15 or so years ago when my daughter was learning to skate. I just love it, and it doesn’t seem like exercise. I also love walking. My mom, who has never been overweight, walks 45 minutes up and down her hilly neighborhood every day, but she eats a lot less than I do. My 80-year-old neighbor says she walks 2 miles every day, and she is in lovely shape!

Thanks for your insight about eating the same things every day. It does help me manage, for sure.

Thank you for reading and for your kind comments! Have you ever pinpointed why you developed the fear of being fat, like I did? Very interesting topic, for sure!

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