How To Celebrate A New Moon

A practical guide to help you harness the supportive energies of a new moon

Every time a new moon comes around, the energies gather to help us manifest, start again, make wishes and dream big. As the light of the moon grows towards the full moon, so do our wishes and manifestations as they come to live.

So if you want to manifest something, start a new habit, wish for something or make big plans with the Universe on your side, this is the time to do it. Magic abounds!

Not sure how to celebrate in a way that marries mysticism, spirituality and the practical? Below I’ll be sharing my favorite ritual with you that will make a new moon more magical.

A checklist of things you might want to use during your ritual: (note: a lot of these are optional, so if you don’t have something that’s on the list, feel free to improvise. No need to skip it or wait until you have everything on the list)

  • the date and time of the new moon in your location (google it)
  • rule of thumb is that the supportive and momentum building energies stay active for about 48-72 hours after the new moon (plan your ritual to fall either on the date of the new moon or within that time frame)
  • candles: You can choose candles in a color that represents what you want to manifest. This is completely optional. Green = money/fertility, rose/pink = self love/joy, red = love/passion/sex, yellow = the color of manifesting anything else
  • oracle cards
  • several sheets of paper and a pen (it’s important to use a pen instead of a pencil to make it permanent). You can use paper that comes in different colors depending on the area you want to manifest in. This is optional and you can totally keep it simple
  • crystals: citrine = abundance, rosequarz = self love/healing, obsidian = to remove all obstacles towards the things you want to manifest
  • little things you collected in nature (such as feathers, chestnuts, leaves)
  • anything else you might want on your altar
  • music that connects you with your mystical side (browse Spotify — some of my favorites songs are this song for miracles and this one)
  • a place where you’re undisturbed and can be yourself. Where it feels safe to celebrate and honor the new moon

Set up your ritual space

Maybe you want to create a sacred space on the floor by putting down a nice blanket and decorating your altar with some of the things I mentioned in the list above.

Or maybe you want to set it up outside. Set it up in a place that makes you feel grounded and connected. I really love setting it up on the floor because it makes me feel held by Mother Earth and connected to her supportive energy.

Light your candles and use what you already have if you’re doing a last minute ritual.

The blessing

Put your chosen playlist on shuffle and let the music fill the room. Close your eyes for a minute and put your hand on your heart. Breathe deeply, in and out. Now read the following blessing either in your mind or out loud (you can always change some of the words if they don’t feel good to you):

“Oh beautiful new moon — I’m here today/ tonight to celebrate you. And I’m calling on the Universe, Spirit and God and Goddesses to help me access and use your magical energy to grow and manifest what I truly desire in my life. May I only manifest what is in the highest good for myself and others in my life. And may the journey be filled with joy and light heartedness. I am open to receiving your blessings. And as your light grows again so will my wishes. I trust that they will grow and manifest. I thank you and give my wishes to you.”

Write it out

Take your piece of paper and your pen, place your hands on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out and repeat the mantra “Ahem Prema” (I am love) 3 times so that you can anchor in and manifest from a place for love.

Now open your eyes and write down everything you’re truly desiring to manifest within the next 30 days, the next 2 months or this year.

Don’t censor yourself or judge whether the thing you’re wanting to manifest is big enough, too big or “weird”. This ritual is a safe space for you to wish for the things you truly want. It’s safe for you to allow yourself to put those things down on paper.

“The moon doesn’t have to be full in order for it to radiate beauty. It doesn’t have to be full in order for us to love it deeply” — Victoria Erickson

Pick an oracle card

Spread your chosen set of oracle cards out in front of you (if you don’t have any at hand, you can pick oracle cards online here and here). Have a look at the wishes, dreams and desires you wrote down and ask the question “What is important for me to know as I’m manifesting these things in my life?” — let your hands run over your oracle cards and pick one.

Know that whatever shows up has an important message for you. If you feel like the message of the card might not really fit your situation — look at the image on the card and see what jumps out at you.

Gratitude Shower

Breathe in and raise your arms above your head, breathe out and lower them back down. Do this for 30 seconds, start breathing and raising and lowering your arms faster and faster. After the 30 seconds are up, lower your arms and breathe deeply again.

Put your hand on your heart. And think of 2 things or situations that you’re so so grateful for in your life. Breathe in all of that gratitude. Really see all the details pop up in your mind and dive deep into the feeling you had in that moment or situation.

From this feeling place, open your eyes and read your wish list out loud while leaving one hand on your heart. Charge up your wishes with all this good energy.

Release them

Release your wishes into the Universe by either burning your wish list or by placing it underneath your manifesting crystals for the month.

Coming home

Sit still again, look into the flames of your candles or sit with your eyes closed. Sitting still helps your body and energy field integrate this experience. Stay for as long as you like before wrapping up your ritual.

Thank the moon again for always being there for you and the Universe, Spirit, God and Goddesses for showing up for you today.

A little note: Know that during your ritual you’re tapping into an energy field of love, light and healing that is much greater than anything you can imagine. Know that angels, Spirit and the Universe will all show up for you as you invite them to be part of your experience. Even if you don’t think you can “feel” them, know that they’re there.

I’m wishing you a beautiful and magical new moon!

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