WhatsCall Helps Even Digital Nomads Stay Connected

Over a year ago, I made the decision to follow my dream: to be a Digital Nomad. Meaning, I’d be working remotely for different projects (sometimes locally) from anywhere in the world. And all I needed was a computer with good internet connection.

So far, I have taken business trips to numerous locations, including California, New York, Italy, Spain, and Ireland, to name a few. I still have so many places I need to go, but before that, I must figure out a way to solve the difficulties and challenges I’ve been facing constantly. Aside from finding a cafe with good wifi connection (and seats available), I began to see the needs for much better softwares in order to be more efficient with my time.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually tons of great products and services to assist you with that mission, such as project management softwares and online banks.

However, I still struggled to find great ways to make phone calls, specially when I needed to communicate with entities such as banks and Government departments. Everytime I tried to communicate with my bank manager, it was a total nightmare.

I started using Skype, since they offer reasonable rates. However, I had problems with Skype: since being invaded by hackers, I could no longer add value to my account. What’s worse, their support system sucks! Not once were they able to help me. Then I started using Viber, which works fine. However, though it’s not exactly expensive, as a digital nomad you obviously needs to be extremely cautious with your budget, and believe me, it adds up.

A few weeks ago, a friend from San Francisco, who was working in Dublin at the time, introduced me to WhatsCall. It allows you to make free calls with credits, and instead of getting a random number, we can actually make and receive calls with our own phone number.

Furthermore, WhatsCall, unlike any other apps, does not require wi-fi and can also be used with a 4G connection.

This sounded like a dream come true, so I downloaded the app and made a call to my brother in Brazil. The most impressive thing about this app, for me, was the call quality. We were chatting and the sound quality was crystal clear. I’ve been using it since and could not be happier with the service and the way it’s been making my life easier.

That is the best thing about being a Digital Nomad: the discovery of the new. We visit new places, meeting new people and finding new great apps in order to make our lives easier. I hope you too, can have a great experience with WhatsCall. You can download it from here. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this great app :)

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