My Very Own Scientist

The Kaboom!

My scientist made the unique formula needed to create this kaboom. It blew the 180lb lid off the vessel. Just like my scientist said it would. But his welder never had much respect for science. He has a new welder now.

The ingredients in the formula are varying percentages of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Magnesium (Mg) set off with a detonator and booster. The Mg steals the oxygen from the CO2 leaving carbon behind and producing lots of energy. When the detonation takes place the carbon is shocked into diamond. On June 5, 2015 the Canadian Explosive Research Lab did velocity tests and verified that my scientist made a brand new explosive formulation.

The Scientist

This is my scientist in his natural habitat. Fire, glass and safety glasses. He was about to film a video on how magnesium reacts when burned in the presence of carbon dioxide.

The Nanodiamond

This is a high resolution TEM scan of one of the nanodiamonds that my scientist made. Nanodiamonds are badass to be honest. They are the next step in cancer treatment. They deliver chemo right to the affected area.

Link if you want more info:

Detonated synthetic nanodiamonds are already a thing, they are just made with super toxic ingredients. Fine for polishing applications, but not medical applications. My scientist’s ingredients are CO2 and Magnesium. Safe for the body. Very medical friendly.

An Environmentally Friendly Polish!?

Now, here’s a curveball. The aftermath of the detonation creates a powdered by-product consisting largely of Magnesium Oxide (MgO). It turns out if we mix that MgO powder with olive oil we can polish the water stains right off my mother’s nut bowl. — polish on tarnish and water stains

My scientist Vacuuming Up By-Product

In there is by-product full of nanodiamond just waiting to be used. My scientist’s name is Daren Swanson and he’s worth looking into.