But what could they have done?
Mimi Kramer

Well, one would hope that some would find their courage and not jump on that bandwagon, and respond with the stony silence that the speech deserved. It is hard, it is uncomfortable, and it is the right thing to do. Outliers are not welcomed in that sycophantic world.

But now in the current social climate hopefully some will step up — in the moment — and call out misogyny when it happens. That is what I’m looking for: the person who is being groped during the photo op or whose dignity is being verbally compromised in a “tribute” to, in the moment, say “Stop”. To call out the perpetrator in real time. Openly, publicly. To risk embarrassment. Because really the only one who will be embarrassed is the perpetrator, the one who deserves it because they bring it on themselves.

I’m anxiously awaiting that courageous person to break through into the next level of this journey we are all on. So long overdue. That is what will stop it. Light. Exposure.

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