Discovery Film Making: Segfault


No movie script, no character name, 18 actors, over 467 miles and in less than 24 hours, Segfault, an action thriller is directed by Robert Paschall Jr, starring Shannon Lucio. The movie portrays the true meaning of discovery film making as it showcases real emotions from the actors. Shannon Lucio woke up in a hotel room with no memory of her character’s identity or how she found herself there in the first place. The other seventeen actors in the movie rehearsed over three days leading to the shoot day. So, only the lead actor was in the dark. The other actors did not have scripts either since Shannon’s words and actions were unpredictable.

Blair (Shannon Lucio) woke up in a hotel room, in a city (Dallas) she did not know and was left to choose her adventure, her only goal, to figure out who she is and why a dead body was in her hotel room. With no second takes and no rehearsals for Shannon, all of her experiences, actions, and decisions are all happening for the first time.

The action thriller starts off with Shannon Lucio waking up in a hotel with a dead body not knowing who she is or what had transpired. She receives a strange phone call after which she runs for her life and in search for answers to why and how she got to the hotel. She is pursued by an agent sent by a corrupt organization; played by Joe Nemmers from Breaking Bad. The group is determined to keep the truth about Blair’s identity hidden. With the help Victoria and Frank, played by Cassie Shea Watson and Stephen Brodie, Blair becomes exposed to a cycle of surprising discoveries which exposes her to a reality she could never have imagined.

Every frame of the movie Segfault is well thought out, the story is brilliant and amazingly played out by the actors. From the movie trailer, you can tell the editing is awesome and Segfault is most definitely a must see. All of the actors in the film got the opportunity to play several shades in a single role, and the lead actor embraces her role in uncertainty but still effortlessly. Segfault combines passion and desperation to create a nerve racking action thriller, exhilarating enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The movie director Robert Paschall Jr. born on the 31st of January 1978, in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, has directed and produced several other films; Chloe’s Hope in 2017, Locker in 2009 and now Segfault, this 2017. His choice of lead actor in the person of Shannon Lucio, born on the 25th of June 1980 in Denver, Colorado, USA. The bright and beautiful actress received her BA in theater from the University of Southern California. Shannon had her breakout on “The O.C” an American series by Fox. Her past notable credits include; Fireflies in the Garden, Feast of Love, Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy. She is involved in the many areas of production, acting and producing in lots of Filament’s projects. Shannon brings her incredible talent and experience into this fantastic movie.

In 2010, Shannon Lucio won Best Performance by an Actress from the Edgemar Short Film Festival, for the movie “Numb.”