Send Large Files Over the Internet For Free

Sharing files with friends, family, and colleagues when you are near them can only take a short while and is possible with any of the portable storage devices available today. The trick then creeps in when you have to do it over the Internet to reach someone far away like say in another city or possible another country. One can still decide to use a portable device to store the files and send it via a courier service but that will take too long, and a lot can happen along the way. Before now, the options to send files above a particular size limit has been more of non-existent. A typical email client will not let you attach a file more than a 25 MB file size at the time, that can be the size of one high-definition image. Now imagine more than a hundred of those pictures, and you need to send them from the U.S to someone in another State or in a foreign country.

Some people have adopted the use of cloud storage, but at a cost and most of the times, you might not get to use up all of the storage you purchase. Why spend the money though if there is an easy and free way to do it and still get the desired result, I believe it is worth checking out. Unfortunately, a good number of the modern cloud-based services only allow for small file size limits to free users. They can only upload files not more than 250 MB. Movie enthusiasts will agree that it is not even enough for one HD movie, which means if you have a single file larger than the specified limit then cloud storage will not do the trick unless one is willing to upgrade to paid status or account.

There other ways people use to try and send large files, like Opera Unite, FTP or BitTorrent. All of which either involves some subscription or a complicated process. Using any of these services might require some sort of setup, installation of some media file and applications and a whole lot of processes that one might not be patient enough to see through. I have tried a couple of these applications, and even till now I am not able to fully get the hang of any of them. I am not a tech guru, so some of these things do not come to me naturally and am not the only one.


The good news about large file sharing and the possibility to send big files over the Internet is that venture realists like PlusTransfer have come up with a straightforward web solution for uploading and sending files of large sizes. All that is needed for the process is the sender and receiver’s email address and the files to transfer. With plustransfer, you can send up to 5 GB worth of data, and the recipient will be able to receive and download the files intact and uncompromised.