Technology Sector’s First Growth Agency — Furman Transformation

Over the years, statistics reports of major surveys from several organizations show an alarming rate of startup failures within the first two to five years of incorporation. With this probability for potential failure, no wonder more and more startups are investing all of their time and soul to ensure they stay afloat in the industry they represent.

Growth is imperative for any startup to move from where they are to where they which to be, as fast as possible. The pressure to grow can sometimes be overwhelming for most startups, and the technicalities of the decision-making process that leads to achieving that growth can often prove to be very challenging.

What if we had a structure that empowers entrepreneurs in the technology sector to realize their full potential and achieve sustainable growth? Well, Jonathan Furman, a digital media and account management executive brings his expertise in leadership and multi-disciplinary acumen to Furman Transformation LLC. The agency is the first growth focused, created to assist technology companies in optimizing their operations as they prepare to implement growth strategies.

Furman Transformation is focused on empowering businesses in Information technology, Medical sector, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Robotics, Automation and the Energy sector. Many enterprises in these industries are often under constant pressure to make growth inclined decisions required to move their startups to the next phase the achievement ladder. Furman Transformation helps to prepare a company for that required change.

The growth agency provides consulting services for these businesses, which covers the areas of sales, marketing, and operational growth. From the planning phase to operational analysis building incredible sales and marketing strategies with solid foundations. Furman Transformation engages every aspect of running a company, its processes and core functions. They hold training and workshops to train teams from several companies Sales Techniques, from the basic structures to closing deals; as well as Account Management, to help them learn how to handle different financial situations and monetizing strategies.

These training by Furman Transformation is aimed towards creating real inspirations for attendees, to encourage them to overcome their comfort zone and employ new ideas, and handle various tasks as well as operations more efficiently with an empowered mindset. The opportunity to experience these training offer attendees a platform to reflect on relevant topics and conduct self-assessments to help them take ownerships of their improvements.

Furman talks about the agency as the first growth engine for the technology sector. In the world of Information and Technology, staying relevant have gone beyond service solutions. More work is needed to ensure continuous operations and eventually, expansion. Growth is vital for any sector. It is the only measurement for success, and a tech company that is not growing is lacking the information, they ought to be providing. Jonathan understands that most companies are welcoming innovative ideas and trying out new business models, also leveraging new channels for sales and the flexibility which is evident in their operational strategies. These companies have now been able to merge the technology and client need to create a platform that supports value-driven growth.

Furman Transformation coaches, mentors, and trains companies set up robust operations so they can grow to adapt and stay profitable in a disruptive industry.

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