I do not know.
Brian Geddes

Amen Brian. Something that is being forgotten in this whole string of thoughts on art is that most people who choose to go that way do it from a love for the medium. It isn’t necessarily about making lots of money. Of course we need to pay our bills, so most have their day jobs, but in the end you continue to produce because you can’t imagine your world without it. There will always be someone who will pay for what you create. Whether or not you are able to live on that is another matter entirely. The pursuit of your art and perfection of it, as much as it can be perfected that is, certainly warrants reward. For some that is a life in pursuit of their dream, for others it may be simply the admiration of a free-loving audience. I got into Screenprinting thinking that it would be an amazing creative outlet. What I discovered is that if I actually want it to pay my bills, I have to do the boring corporate logo work…the truly fun and creative jobs are low paying and require more time than I want to give them. It has effectively made me hate my job. I am thankful for the work of course and take the high paying jobs which will actually allow me to practice the art I love so much on the side. I hope to one day shift the dividing line in favor of what makes it worth getting up in the morning, but until that day arrives…..