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Acceptance behind the Static

I had the most amazing experience in Costa Rica this summer, life changing on several levels. I had no idea how impactful this period of time would be for me until just yesterday. It hit me through the eyes of other people. There is nothing quite like having a huge realization through others.

Two friends of mine who are making tremendous strides in life consciousness led a workshop in the jungle of Costa Rica back in July. This workshop is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The setting was under a canopy of trees, howler monkeys swaying up in the branches amid the warm, humid Costa Rican air. There were 25 of us assembled there about to shed our clothes, our fears and reveal our deepest secrets. It is not what many of you are thinking. It was not about getting naked, it was about connecting on a soul level with others in a safe and sacred space. Something within me lit up. I felt freer and lighter.

This was the beginning of my transformation. I didn’t know it then, but I was about to embark upon my biggest challenge yet. When I returned home from that magical weekend, I knew that something had to be done with all of the energy I had received. I would not allow myself just to slip back into the mundane routine that I so desperately wanted to unchain myself from. I knew that my life would never be the same if I just accepted this gift. This was a gift of knowledge, power and fearlessness.

I began the journey that I am not in the midst of and I haven’t looked back. It has had it moments of turbulence, but not enough to shake me off my course. I believe that life presents these bumps in the road in order to test our true perseverance. If we stay the course, these bumps serve as a reminder that we are right on track. Acceptance is the central point of all of the circumstances, situations and opportunities.

This leads me to yesterday. Yesterday was my second experience with this awesome workshop. This time it was in Los Angeles inside of a windowless room. Twenty seemingly strangers gathered together in curiosity. I shared with them my experience of my time in the jungle and hoped that they would also share in the inner magic that was about to take place. I didn’t want to reveal too much, as I wanted each of them to discover the incredible revelations that would happen as we moved through the stages of the afternoon.

I could see it in each person’s eyes as we finished up the day. It was as if a fire was reignited for each and every one of them. What an amazing gift acceptance is. Not only for them to reveal deep secrets and fears, but to discover that they are not alone. Each of us connected on a level of pure love. No one knew just how simple acceptance could be until they became vulnerable and surrendered to their own insecurities. It was quite a beautiful thing to witness and to be a part of. It really is difficult for me to put into words how much of an impact yesterday had on me. It put me into a whole new level of evolution and propelled me forward. I feel that these 20 new friends held a space for me that I could never have held on my own and it was wonderful.

Acceptance can get easily buried under our own judgment, pre-conceived ideas and opinions. Once we clear away the static, it is there to embrace and share.

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