Okay, the title was a trick. I’m not going to talk about the kind of robot you probably pictured when reading that, but this article will introduce you to some of the tools a beginner should know about when they start down the path to building their own robot butler/dog/toaster.

At some point in your programming life, or maybe before you know you’re about to have a programming life, you’ll see some cool robot video on the internet, see BattleBots on TV or hear obscure names like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. …

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BlockchainConf 2018 happened September 6–7, 2018. This year’s conference about blockchain technology is the first of hopefully many years to come. People from all over the world came for two days full of sessions about blockchain theory and practice. Thanks to Women Who Code Atlanta, I was able to attend the conference and the one-day workshop preceding it.

My impression of blockchain

I’m a blockchain newbie but I was interested in learning more about the technology behind all the cryptocurrency hype. …

The built-in linter doesn’t do well with turtle. You can choose a different linter like flake8. However, you’ll trade off one annoying thing for a different annoying thing. Choose your poison.

  • Open the command palette (⌘ + Shift + P)
  • Select “Python: Select Linter”
  • Choose “flake8”
  • If you’ve never used that before, you’ll be prompted to install it with a prompt similar to this
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  • Do that and restart VS Code
  • Now you can get the red squiggles to go away on the turtle function names by explicitly naming them in multiple import statements (this is the annoying thing about the fix).
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  • To switch back to the default linter, choose “Python: Select Linter” again and choose “pylint”


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Lisa R Dean

Imposter Programmer. Former sysadmin. Still on the impossible childhood quest to know everything.

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