Not much is known about Stacey Mitchell’s childhood. She was born in 1990 and lived in Dorset in the UK with her loving parents, older brother, and two younger sisters. When she was ten years old they moved to Australia. She was known as a friendly, kind, outgoing person. However, when she was sixteen years old, she and her parents began to argue a lot, and Stacey decided it was time to run away from home. She was reported missing on December 13th 2007. A mutual friend introduced Stacey to her future killers Valerie Parashumti, 19, and Jessica Stasinowsky, 21. The couple allowed Stacey to move in, and pretended to be her friends.


Jessica’s parents divorced when she was young, and she allegedly had a very lonely childhood. She ran away from home, lived on the street, got involved with drugs, and made her money by prostitution. She also had a history of cutting and burning herself, and generally felt emotionless.

Valerie was physically abused by her father from the ages of 3–16, and she had to protect her three younger siblings from his wrath. At one point her father went to prison for beating their mother. She began having most of her problems after her parents divorced in 2004. Around this time she also suffered with a few head injuries. The court also described her as a sexual sadist and became aroused by torture and blood. Valerie has been part of a vampire subculture since she was ten years old, and admitted that she enjoyed drinking human blood.

Together, they were a disaster in the making.


Stacey only knew these girls for five days. Within such a very short time, these women decided to plot for her murder. It took five days to carry out their plan, but they already decided after ONE single day of knowing Stacey, that she just “had to go.” The girls both found Stacey to simply be annoying, but the main reason for the murder was due to jealousy. Jessica saw Stacey’s behavior was flirtatious towards Valerie, when in reality she was just trying to fit in. Jessica brought up her jealous feelings to her lover Valerie, and instead of simply kicking Stacey out and sending her back to her parents, Valerie decided to prove her love by killing her. The pair wrote down everything they’d need for this murder, and decided to throw a fake party as a girls night. They’d drug her and get her so drunk that she wouldn’t be able to fight back or run away.


David Haynes, 27, was another roommate. The day before the murder he found out about the deadly duo’s plan. David told them that Stacey made “distressing” comments about one of his male friends. This news just annoyed them even more. Valerie told him, “No one should destroy your happiness, and you kill anyone who doesn’t. He chuckled at this comment and told her that it was a great idea, but he can think of much better people to kill instead of Stacey. Later that same day David walked in on Jessica grinding up glass and asked her what she was doing with it. Jessica was completely honest and informed him that she planned to put the glass into Stacey’s drink to cause her an “agonizing death.” David warned her that causing an agonizing death might alert the neighbors. Jessica laughed in response and said, “don’t worry, I’ll just bury her head in the ground to shut her up.” The duo tried to get him involved in their murder, but he promptly declined. However, he made no attempt to report their plan to the police, and instead decided to simply ignore it, even though it was going down in his own home.


On December 18th David locked himself up in his room and blasted his music. Jessica had already given Stacey a date rape drug, however she told Stacey it was ecstacy. The duo were sitting in the kitchen taking shots of whisky and taking Stilnox tablets. Sitting there with them was poor Stacey, completely out of it, and not aware at all that these two monsters next to her were about to attack her. Just a little while later, David heard one of the women yell” NOW NOW NOW,” and heard Stacey crying for help. Instead of helping her, he decided to flee the home. Valerie bludgeoned Stacey in the back of the head with a concrete slab. She hit her so hard that the slab broke in half, and the assault continued. Jessica joined in on the assault and took off her belt and used it to strangle Stacey. This vicious attack went on for 45 minutes before she died. The couple celebrated what they did by standing over Stacey’s dead body and kissed.


The duo wanted to document their murder by recording it on one of their cell phones. In the video they show the murder scene, where they buried her body, and they were mocking Stacey’s British accent and generally talked very badly about her. Stacey’s body was put into a wheelie bin and stored in their shed. After David came back home the three of them went to a local hardware store to try and sell the things they used in the murder, which were a chainsaw and spades. Sadly, Stacey had reconciled with her parents and informed them that she’d be coming home the next day.


Valerie, Jessica, and David all plead guilty to the murder. David was only given a two year sentence for being an accessory. However, in March 2008, both girls were sentenced to life in a strict security prison, as neither of them showed an ounce of remorse, and were smirking and laughing throughout their trial. The duo remained in contact by using Catherine Birnie, a convicted serial killer as their intermediary.



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