You Can

Lisa Schiro
Feb 20, 2019 · 1 min read

You absolutely can. What does that mean exactly? It means you were meant for more. If you listen, (and believe), to your Inner Critic, you will likely hear reasons why you CAN’T or why you SHOULDN’T (take the risk). Don’t believe everything you think, however. Remember that your brain does not want you to take risks because your brain isn’t interested in your success or happiness. Your brain is interested in your SURVIVAL.

When you are considering taking a risk, your hypothalamus often sends out signals for stress hormones, (cortisol & adrenaline), to get activated and you feel it. In severe responses, pupils dilate, sweat glands turn on, breaths get shallow and rapid, heart speeds up, extremities tingle, stomach churns, digestive system shuts down, blood vessels constrict….etc…are you getting the picture?

Panic sets in. And, once that happens, fear can be mistaken for danger and the person retreats from the risk and all of those somatic, (bodily), symptoms began to calm down. Once the symptoms calm down, the brain makes another connection between risk = fear. So, in essence, the fear cycle has been reinforced. You can is a gentle reminder to not believe everything you think. Do the thing anyway. You can.

You got this.

~Lisa Schiro, M.S., LCPC

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Lisa Schiro, Owner/Operator: K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment, LLC

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