Dear new team,

Writing you today feels like a really exciting moment. It could mean a whole new beginning for us both. After spending our life separately, today can be a good start to strengthen our relationship and expand our arena.

I think it would be fair to start introducing myself. People would describe me as being really honest, but reserved at the same time. Although I try my best not to, the people I hang out with for the first time consider me a bit awkward.

I am dear team, a tool created by a team formed of four Hyper Island students. You can use me at the kick-off of a new project, to open up to the people you work with. Off course I want to be inclusive and get the best out of every person I work with, therefore I will provide you some guidance through the process.

Curious? Check me out here. In a toolkit created by DMM7 and DXD2, Hyper Island in collaboration with Teamweek, that aims to help teams collaborate better together.

Ps. I’m part of a really nice family. Halfway and at the end of your project you can consult one of my siblings. They will help you reflect on your journey together as a team.
This project has been developed within 28 hours, thanks to a great crew.