Green Wave Life

A green wave occurs when a series of traffic lights are coordinated to allow continuous traffic flow over several intersections in one main direction. (Oepsie, Wikipedia)

A year ago I was this car, driving 200 kilometers an hour straight into the direction of my goal. I must note that at this time in my life I wasn’t so sure what this goal was. I was able to see it at the other side of the street, but couldn’t find the right words to describe it.

To be where I am now, I had to conquer some big situations. Whilst doing so, I found myself being in a green wave, a continuous flow of victories from challenges such as exams, applications and love life disasters, whilst having the wind in my back during cycling.

Was I in a green wave because of the traffic lights that supported me? Every time when my car entered the traffic lights, they turned green? Or was it due to myself? Every time when I entered a traffic light, I focussed and reduced speed until the traffic light turned green again?

This read is about the intersection between luck and hard work, which is often referred to as success. This word gives me goosebumps, really.

To me luck is something mysterious, it is hard to explain. Luck isn’t something you can control, but sometimes it seems that people have more of it than others. Do people deserve luck? Like it is the sum or outcome of an impressive collection of good karma points?

Hard work
For the ones that didn’t queued there where they handed out the winning lotto numbers for a fortunate life with endless possibilities, there is the other and more rational side of success: hard work. This applies to the people that believe luck doesn’t exist, who would say that luck is an illusion. Katie Whittle notes that by dismissing this illusion of luck and embracing your own ability to change your live for the better, you are empowered to such a degree that you can make your own luck, or maybe even success. In the end there is only one thing you can control in your life and that is your own effort. Think of sports, the only thing a player can rule in his football match is its own act.

“The grass is always greener where you water it.” — unknown

But what about this mysterious thing that gives the ball an extra spin into the right direction? Maybe there is a combination between hard work and luck. A better word for luck might be opportunity. In the self-help book ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, Julian Manthe describes luck as: “It is nothing more than the marriage of preparation with opportunity.” When opportunity comes to a person who is prepared, he can take the opportunity. So if the luck comes and knocks an unprepared mind, he probably missed out the opportunity, his lucky shot.

With this in mind I can conclude that both of my hypotheses were right. It is about both me in my car, as the traffic lights that provided me with the green -or red- lights of luck. It is all about timing, but if you are not on the road, you won’t be part of the green wave life.

A pink car in a green wave.

So if you really desire to achieve something, you’d better start. Take control over your own life, drive your car with kindness (karma will help you) and be prepared for lady luck that will come over and support the ones that did hard work.