No, literature is never really about the story
Simon Leser

Oh come on, sometimes it is about the story. Let’s not be too pretentious, please. The fact that story can trump bad writing is proof that yes, sometimes it really is about the story. Think less about Keats and more about Herbert: Who says that fictions only and false hair

Become a verse? Is there in truth no beauty?

Is all good structure in a winding stair?

May no lines pass, except they do their duty

Not to a true, but painted chair?

Is it no verse, except enchanted groves

And sudden arbours shadow coarse-spun lines?

Must purling streams refresh a lover’s loves?

Must all be veil’d, while he that reads, divines,

Catching the sense at two removes?

Shepherds are honest people; let them sing;

Riddle who list, for me, and pull for prime;

I envy no man’s nightingale or spring;

Nor let them punish me with loss of rhyme,

Who plainly say, my God, my King.