A Black Man Walks Into the San Francisco CTO Summit…

Yeah, I’d be curious to know your thoughts on why this is the last bastion of non-diverse folks on the planet. Frankly I’m a bit tired after decades of work on diversity and inclusion. I’m leavin’ it to a younger, less cynical bunch to pick up the mantle from here. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some great successes. I know, for example, that systemic work we did on gender in a client organization 25 years ago ended up in a female CEO leading this Fortune 50 diversified mfg company. yippee. But tech — — it seems to be more intractable than even investment banking which we used to think was so hard to penetrate. Do we just start too late exposing little kids of color to engineering role models? To coders? To…whatever educational background prepares future CTO’s? Is it too hard to convince people who think they are the smartest on the planet that their color blindness is self delusion? As I said, a bitcoin for your thoughts please.

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