Hacking Through Amazon’s Jungle of Coverage
Jeff Jarvis

I can’t see any real value to this article beyond warning prospective employees from working at Amazon. It would have been far more interesting to read a comparison of the most innovative corporations and how they approach the work/life balance. Is such a thing really possible within a corporate culture? Most are in the business of making money for their C-suite executives and shareholders. The “cool” ones like Google and Facebook have created campuses that extend the college experience for Millenials so they don’t have to make decisions about what some of us call real life. Google provides gournet meals throughout the day and evening for the purpose of keeping employees on campus 24/7. Facebook (and probably others) announced its new egg freezing benefits, limiting the number of years their employees can enjoy being parents and grandparents (and pretty much eliminating the chance they’ll ever be great-grandparents). Is this really more humane than winnowing out the stars from the employees who can’t cut it — and giving those “lesser” employees the chance to get started earlier enjoying a more realistic life? That article could have been much more interesting, especially since it took 6 months to write.