No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

Thanks for your message Gabby. I’m with you.

It’s fascinating to read the reactions from those who want their guns and kick and scream about their right to bear them, refusing to consider any compromises for the common good. Is that not a more child-like response than having a sit in to demand some common-sense lawmaking?

What are you really afraid of? Because if you’re a model citizen with no history of domestic abuse, mental illness, attempts at suicide or anger management issues that have required restraining orders, your right to your guns really isn’t at risk. Maybe you don’t need the AR-15 to plow bullets quickly into a homeless kid who breaks into your house in the night to grab something of value to sell for his heroine habit (or whoever it is you’re afraid is going to threaten your existence). You certainly don’t need it to shoot a deer or duck (at least if you’re any good at that “sport”).

Many talk about the fact there is no proof restricting gun purchases would reduce gun violence, but then refuse to fund a study on gun violence that might shed some light on the issue. Gun violence (and the mental illness that often causes it) is as much a disease as cancer. Would you ban similar government funded studies on cancer as well? (Don’t answer. If it involves government funding, I suspect you’ll say you’re against that too. Yet I’m sure you appreciate the treatments that have come about from that research when you or someone you love is given a diagnosis of cancer.)

I want to be open-minded and understand this mindset that will attack anyone’s integrity for wanting to find a more progressive, peaceful way to exist as a community and nation. Maybe the notion of a Mad Max kind of civilization excites you. But if not, we’re moving in that direction by refusing to have a sensible conversation about gun control.

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