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Wow you really had to reach for this analogy. A children’s book published in 1938. I am so sure he read that and came up with the skittles thing. The thing is your side sees nothing but categories of people, as defined in discrimination. ( Yes I stole that from Webster’s) We, (the people with common sense) would not care if they were Irish, British,red, white or blue. This group of people have declared their intent to harm us in a cowardly way. If someone threatens to kill your family do you let them move in with you? Our governments first obligation is to Americans. We have taken in plenty of refugees over the years, but this is different. No one spouting this twisted logic has yet to answer the question of why can’t we put them on one of our many islands and provide for them? Why must we bring them into the states? If you are desperate any port in the storm will due. On an island we would all be safe. Them and us. We own many territories. Anyone with an evil agenda would not want this. Careful, with your delusional analogy of Jr’s statement your desperation is showing

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