3 Top Skills of the Generation Y

“Act as a man of thought and think as a man of action” said the French philosopher Henri Bergson

The fact that I am impassioned about the digital revolution and that I am looking everywhere to find information (and potentially a job) led me to a speech of Axelle Tessandier at Explorers Fest (one of the biggest start up event in Europe) in 2013. I would like to comment and share her vision of the generation Y because I feel legitimate to speak about millennials as I am 25 and I want to tell everyone that there are lots of reasons for optimism.

Why we are the way we are

«We are the kids of the crisis»

And not only the economic crisis… We feel concerned about climate change and we have been educated about the sustainable development. We have grown with the healthy food messages communicated by our government of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Thus, we are conscious that we are living in a world characterized by uncertainty and multiple threats. But, we don’t want to give up and listen to the media or to our grandparents saying that the word used to be better…

The first skill we developed is resilience. We believe crisis offers opportunity to create. The digital transformation is among the example of shift in which we truly believe because we can reinvent ourselves within it. We are like explorers, we don’t wait for a job that is not coming we are creating our own new job.

Actions speak louder than words

«We are the opposite of the “me, me, me generation” we care a lot. We care about the world we can’t ignore anymore.»

On the one hand, we want to act for a change. In politics, for instance, we always choose the person that we think he/she will drive the transformation of the society. We only judge his/her actions. On the other hand, we are scared and vulnerable. We tend to overthink before committing to the change. However, these mixed feelings are what make us more humanized. In the business world, it means that we do not want to sell a product for its use only or for the experience it gives the person who bought it but we want to create something that people will love. Therefore, empathy is the second skill we have.

Everyone can be a leader

«The new CEO should be more like artist with emotional skills.»

Last but not least, the generation Y is curious. The internet has enabled us to have access to an amazing world of information and brought us closer together. Indeed, it’s very easy to contact anyone you want on Twitter mentioning the @+its name. Thus, leaders of tomorrow can be anyone as long as they are inspiring others.

Eventually “just do you”

It will take time, it will be tough and it will ask you a lot of commitment but remain optimistic it’s for the better.