Don’t be afraid of digital transformation, embrace it !

Let me explain you why with the help of 4 passionate people

The work environment is changing. Stephane Kasriel (@skasriel), Chief Executive Officer at Upwork Global Inc., the first web-based platform that connects freelancers with companies enhanced two trends explaining this transformation. First, there is the continuing automation in the workforce and second, the rise of free lancers. However, neither of these trends should be considered as some threats.

Automation enabled by more competent robots or by intelligence noticed Constance Chalchat, Head of Management Corporate and Institutional Banking at BNP Paribas are serving the welfare of people. Actually, the great use of data and analytics helps reducing tasks that are redundant and unsatisfactory for bank employees. Thus, they can have more time to concentrate themselves on things in which they will have a real added value. Similarly, you can imagine how safe will be a word with self-driving car (here you can have a quick preview: 😉 ).

Stephane Kasriel — The Future of Work

As well, emerging technologies and digital allow a new working organization. Samuel Baroukh (@samuel_baroukh) head of e-business at Nestlé France said that to make the digital ecosystem performant all silos between services should be broken. Besides, location will be less relevant than it is today. Therefore, Stephane Kasriel explains that work team will look like movie crew.

Jessica Gioglio — The Digital Transformation

Eventually, Jessica Gioglio (@savvybostonian), formerly of Sprinklr & Dunkin’ Brands and current social media/digital strategist, underlined the positive effect of using technologies for brands on consumers. VR can be used for immersive escape, AR to help customers to visualize their purchases and snapchat sponsored lenses could also lead to a purchase. A chatbot could also worked. For instance, Nestlé (@NestleFr) is launching a new one called Emile that is recommending recipes according the personal taste of the consumer.

To sum it up, instead of being scared consider we have a word of opportunities.

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