As usual December 31st is here and there are various shows on television about how to celebrate correctly; diet commercials about losing weight (even Oprah is sincerely jumping on the bandwagon for this one); and, there are surveys and little activities on Facebook “predicting” how 2016 will treat you. Basically, every year rolls by and we promise to change (for the better, of course)for the new year.

The new year begins tomorrow. Last week it was Christmas. The week before it was Thursday, December 17th and the next day, Friday was December 18th. Every Thursday we lived in 2015, there was a Friday. Tomorrow is Friday.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and I feel blessed to see another new year. And, yes, I am hoping that I will have a prosperous and healthy new year — just as I am hoping my family and friends will be prosperous and healthy; but, why must we insist on making these changes at the beginning of the year?

What are these promises that some of us fail to fulfill? I’m not talking to those of you who have succeeded in your new year’s resolutions in the past…I’m talking to the ones who have failed. And let’s admit, there are more of us that have failed than have succeeded.

In 2016, I want a lot. I want to be better than I was in 2015. There are little things in my life that grew into big obstacles and made me stumble and fall. There were dreams that I dashed away because of time or laziness. There were people that I disappointed. There were projects that I did not complete. 2015 had me rocking for a while.

And then, I turned 50.

“Age is nothing but a number.” We’ve heard that old adage before. But there’s something about 50. After July 31st, I began to really think about my past 50 years. I need to do something. I need to realize my dreams! I need to…live.

I was a journalist for years here in Arizona and in California. I had some great adventures during my lifetime as a journalist. I met some great people and some strange people. I interviewed Gregory Peck (Atticus Finch in the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” and he played Captain Ahab in the movie “Moby Dick”); I met Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in a movie theater in Moreno Valley, California (he is very short); I interviewed Ronnie Lott, the famed Safety of the San Francisco 49ers from the 80s; and, I wrote an article that resulted in a job termination of a school official.

I returned to Tucson and was determined to create an African American newspaper, and I did…for a short time.

I experienced all of this in my early twenties. Twenty-eight years later, and I am still hungry and thirsty for adventure. What do I want to do in 2016? I don’t know…I want to do a lot! I want to lose weight and win the fight over diabetes; I want to have a better handle on my finances; I want to write and publish my short stories and write a screenplay about Nefertiti; I want to go to the beach, visit New York City, Las Vegas, Canada and win the lottery (I never play, though). I want to be a good teacher, a great friend, and a loving sister and aunt. Eventually, I want to finish my doctoral program and I want to be an educational consultant. I want all of this!

I have a lot to do in 2016. I cannot promise that I will begin tomorrow because first, I have to BELIEVE I can. As I condition my mind to align with my heart, that begins the transformation — the changes. It’s all about syntax. I will not say “when” but “as.” It is a process. It takes time. Yes, it’s going to take 2016.

Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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