May The Force Be With You

No, this is not a review about the newest Star Wars installment. I must say that the movie is incredible, and lived up to the hype. I want to thank my nephew for giving me such a wonderful Christmas present and taking me to see it!

But, no, this ramble is not about the movie; not directly about the movie. I have a conglomerate set of feelings during this Christmas season. I am a Christian, and I believe that this celebration of Christ’s birth is important. We can see through the Christmas story that it’s about the beginning of a family — a birth of a child to a young couple. That is where we get the feeling of a family during Christmas; that’s my belief.

However, Christmas 2015 has a different feeling to it. Perhaps it’s because just recently our family lost a brother-in-law, brother, uncle, grandfather, father, and husband to cancer. Losing a family member is so difficult, especially a person who was so caring and unselfish. There is a certain emptiness in the family when someone dies. In 2004, my mother passed away and it was hard to see Christmas without her. In 2008, my oldest sister, her daughter, and my dad passed away, and Christmas was very difficult for me. In 2015, losing my brother-in-law hurt because, during his illness, he would talk to me about his resolve and resolutions about life. He had so much wisdom. During the last days of my dad’s life, he wanted to talk to my brother-in-law — one of his last requests. My brother-in-law was highly regarded in the eyes of my parents. Also, my family lost our dear 100-year-old Aunt, my dad’s sister the last of a generation of aunts and uncles on both sides of my family.

There are so many of us who have lost loved ones and during November and December — the months that are full of family gatherings — we begin to feel the strain of loneliness and of missing that loved one.

And then, comes Christmas! The birth of Jesus. The one who was born to die so that we may live again! To some of my friends who just don’t get the Christmas message or even believe in God and Jesus, it is a powerful message that keeps people like me moving on. This season is powerful, like the force, to help me to continue to live despite the sadness I feel. I won’t give in to the dark side and try to take pills, drink, or do any destructive things just because I’ve lost some special people in my family. No. That force gives me a second wind to fight and walk on.

To those of you who feel the emptiness and loneliness this season, remember why the season exists —to give us life, to give us power, to give us love. Those gifts are a powerful force!

May the Force be with you!

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