Understanding Registry and its Cleaning

Registry cleaning is a tedious task for even tech savvy people. Expert’s advice to not toy with registry database unnecessarily as it can do more harm to the computer than good. It is recommended to use registry cleaning tools to clean computer registry.
Computer is a dynamic machine that changes its configuration with the courseof time. Every software installed on it, every programs ever run on it and every file created, affects its dynamics and cause some changes in the user’s library settings. If your computer faces any problem, it might be due to the changes created in system’s settings. The cause of a variety of computer issues like slowdown of system, low performance, failure of RAM and other virtual memory components can be traced to registry issues. But what exactly is registry and how its smooth functioning can help you keep your computer in a good running condition?

Windows has a database called registry where it stores all the data and information of user’s settings, operating system, other software and user applications installed and their configuration. Registry can be thought of as a central warehouse that helps windows store all the relevant information that can be accessed by various users. It contains details of setups and various configuration of everything that you have on your system. It controls a lot of processes, programs and inter-system mechanism that are vital for proper functioning of a system. In short, everything you have ever done on your computer, every file ever saved, every multimedia played, every software installed makes its presence registered in the registry database.

As the data on computer grows, registry entries also grow. There are some software that we never use, or some files that we create and then forget about later. But computer never forgets and maintains their registry files just like it does for the programs and software that are frequently used. It is normal for a computer to act weirdly because of the overflowing registry keys. Stress is put on RAM, which tends to slow it down. Slowing down of RAM means sluggish and lethargic behavior of computers. Hence, as the number of dormant and waste registry keys increases, computers starts to act slow and there is a noticeable decrease in the performance of computer. Registry keys take some time to accumulate and the problem caused by bloating registry starts to show unpleasant symptoms such system crashes, abrupt error messages, difficulty in installing new files and computer slowdown. When such situation arises it is suggested to use a good cleaning tool, especially registry software to reliable clean computer registry. It helps to bring the registry database to its normal condition and hence, enhances computer’s performance.

Registry Cleaners

Registry cleaners are specialized software designed for the sole purpose of taking care of corrupt, dormant and waste registry keys. Many a times, registry keys get infected because of malware intrusions and give rise to dead links and related errors. Registry cleaners scan the system for all kinds of registry files and delete the ones that are harmful for the computer. It helps to prevent the corruption of registry database as well as its bloating. As soon as the erroneous files are found, they are reported to the user so that the user can take the next action. This options allows the user to make sure that important registry keys are not deleted by mistake. An option of automatic repair is also there which performs the ‘scan and clean’ operation with minimum user intervention. It only takes a couple of minutes and few mouse clicks to do it.
Additional Features

Since you have deleted some registry keys, that is, made alterations in registry database, your system settings will be affected. Almost all the registry cleaners come with the option of optimizing the settings. Most of them do this automatically in accordance to the keys deleted. After this maintenance operation is performed and you can see the change in the computer’s speed and its performance.

You can purchase or download specialized software to clean computer registry from a lot of websites on the internet. But before downloading make sure that the version being provided is compatible with operatingsystem you are using. Trial versions are provided for free but they have limited features that let you test the functionalities. Full versions can be bought if you find your computer running into registry related issues more than often.