My sister died at 21.

Thank you. I’m so sorry about your sister. Sometimes people go and they still don’t find it. It’s also true that Heather sometimes thought maybe something was wrong and it wasn’t, and there were probably notes in her chart to that effect. There are studies that show that sometimes female patients aren’t listened to as effectively as male patients, even when the doctor is female. It’s possible that they thought their job was to check her out, reassure her, and send her home, and that’s what they did.

It just turned out to be wrong.

I want people to go to the doctor too. It amazes me how many people ignore chest pain and die. Even if it’s nothing, the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll feel a little silly. If it’s not nothing, the result can be catastrophic.

I don’t know if your loss was recent but that doesn’t matter. Hugs.

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