An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Oh boy, this has opened up a whole bunch of multi colored comments. Being in my 40's and having a 24 yr old that graduated college with a good degree in Environmental Policy I feel the motherly urge to respond.

When my son graduated he moved from school right into an apartment with a roommate. He paid for all of it himself, well ok I may have bought him some toilet paper! He found a job working at a farm making farm wage. He trimmed trees and berry bushes, he picked bushels of apples in the rain, he worked his a$$ off 5–6 days a week sometimes getting to the farm before daylight and leaving well after dusk. He ate rice and ramen noodles and chicken fingers.

The owners noticed and appreciated his work ethic, customer skills, ability to motivate his fellow employees and mostly his honesty. They were opening a new market in the city and had him do all of the business planning and hard work to get it up and running. They then moved him to the city to manage it for them. He worked hard and waited patiently…and out of the most unassuming situations was given a huge responsibility and opportunity to grow himself.

Talia honey, don’t ask people to “donate” to you. You have not been through a traumatic event or disaster that has rendered you uncapable of supporting yourself. Asking for money in your situation is down right disgusting. Go pull up your big girl panties, have a big bowl of rice and beat the pavement. And don’t forget … be simply grateful.

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