6 Reasons I’m an addict

I’m an addict. Yes. Here it goes. I said it out loud (ok you may not have heard me but I did say it out loud while writing it down). And it’s an addiction I’m very proud of. And it’s one I love and gladly keep. There are others that I’m not so proud off (like drinking too much coffee, chewing gum despite my love for being healthy, checking what’s app way too many times…) but this one is different. It’s mind changing. It’s not an addiction that takes you on a downward spiral after you’ve been on a high, no. It’s very different. And you know it once you’ve experienced it. So far I’m not aware of any negative side effects (please warn me in advance should there be any). It’s love as much as addiction. I actually think everyone should have this one addiction. Every Monday I say it out loud to my group of like-minded people.

“Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a tribe addict. “

Yes. I’m addicted to Tribewanted Bali and Escape the City. It all started January 2015 when I joined the first Escape tribe organised by the amazing human beings at Escape the City. It was love at first sight. Well, it actually started almost 5 years ago when I first signed up to join Escape the City. At that point I was more of a stalker than an addict. Another quality I’ve not been proud of to have until now. I stalked Escape the City’s list of opportunities weekly. But it wasn’t until last year that I turned into an addict who finally found their perfect drug.

It was like Rene Zellweeger in Jerry McGuire saying to Tom Cruise: ‘You had me at hello’ — that’s what happened to me and now it’s still happening every Monday during the Tribewanted check-ins at Hubud in Bali.

In case you don’t know what a Tribe is. Master Marketer Seth Godin describes it in his book ‘Tribes’ as:

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

Both tribes I’m addicted to provide exactly that. Groups of like-minded people who believe in the same idea and follow the same vision and mission, led by inspiring people. The tribes are all about inspiring, supporting, motivating and empowering me on a daily basis to create a career on my own terms. A career that makes me feel fulfilled and inspired, full of joy and alive. Best drug ever. And below are the main reasons why I’m so addicted to them. I feel like I may not be the only one though.

6 reasons I’m addicted to those tribes:

  1. The people & community are my new caffeine.

This point actually deserves a lot more than just one bullet point. The people and the community make those tribes. Everybody who is part of the tribes will know what I mean. It’s the inspiration, the motivation, the gratefulness and the support as well as the knowledge, the vulnerability and the strength of this community that makes these tribes so powerful and addictive to me. No matter how many people get together for a Tribewanted meeting in Bali, or an Escape the City event, or even just participate on the facebook groups, the energy is always the same. It’s positive, inspiring, supporting. It’s addictive and more energizing than a Red bull washed down with an espresso.

2. They get me.

Both my tribes get me. By that I mean they really get me. The real deal. The strong and weak Lisa. Not just the one that most people may see. And not the one who’s trying to fit into a model shaped by parents, friends, the German way to do things, society, traditional career paths etc. No. They get me with my worries and fears, with my values and vision. They got it when I decided to quit my job in London last year without knowing what’s next (while some other friends worried about me being a lost soul not able to pay into her pension anymore or having a ‘gap’ in her CV). They understand that there are not just the usual 6 directions to grow: North, South, East, West, Up or Down. They know that the 7th direction — the direction inwards, is one of the most important one to follow to find out what really makes you tick and will play a big part in finding a meaningful career aligned with your own values. They listen. They catch me when I’m at a point of feeling lost and ready to give up. They’re honest and they kick me in the ass everytime I forget my ‘why’. They make me do shit and face my fears. They make me more authentic. And I love them for all of that.

3. Mondays Rock.

I used to get the Sunday blues. Big time. Comes 4pm on a Sunday for god-knows-how-many-years did it go like this: ‘Urg, this weekend is too short, let’s have another Cider to forget about the fact it’s Monday tomorrow. Let’s plan a weekend away’. And then I’d spend all Monday morning sitting next to miserable colleagues who wouldn’t talk before lunch planning my next weekend get-away before tackling my growing uninspiring to do list. Sounds familiar?

Well, this has completely changed now. I love Mondays now. They rock. Mondays with my tribe rock. I look forward to them on a Sunday night. And that’s because I’m now at a stage where I love what I’m doing and I feel like I’m going into the right direction. Plus I discovered my love for working out of co-working spaces, currently Hubud, where I am surrounded by people who choose to follow their passions. Everybody here is happy to work on a Monday. No negative Nancies, no complainers, no ‘I hate this place, I just need to stick it out 1 more year -people’. People are happy to be approached. People share their passion and love for what they’re doing. People have time to share their skills and help you. How many times at work do you feel like you can’t just walk up to a colleagues desk and ask for something? Right. Totally different here. Plus the weekly to-do list has been swapped with ‘Goals and themes’ for the week. The bigger things to help me follow my vision and continue to shape a life and career in line with my values.

4.They are better than Google.

Since I’ve been part of those two tribes and started working out of a co-working space I’ve stopped googling ‘how to…’. Instead I am now surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and people who love sharing it and love helping others build their businesses. I think this is the new way of learning, to me it’s better than Google. Let’s call it ‘Troogle’ — all you have to do is ask. Ask and someone will help you or knows someone who’ll help you. I’ve learned more in the last year, especially in the last 4 months being part of Tribewanted than I have in my last 5 years in my marketing career. I follow a bunch of marketing blogs and every time in my corporate career when it came down to annual goal setting my personal development plan included: Read more articles, listen to podcasts, webinars and go to events. Did I achieve that goal? No. Big no. Because there was never time. No time to take half a day out to go to a breakfast meeting. No time to read an article or even do a skillshare. Deadlines were looming left right and centre. Now I take part in at least 2–3 skill shares per week. It’s knowledge sharing meets inspiration meets motivation meets happiness. Boom. Addiction fed. For the last two months I’ve been organizing those skill shares for my tribe here in Bali and seeing how these sessions light up the eyes in my tribe members makes me feel so proud. Like a mum.

5. Those tribes inspire me.

My tribes inspire me. Every day. No really. Take this in slowly. EVERY DAY. How much inspiration do you get in your day to day life? Where do you get it from? I can’t remember ever being that inspired in my corporate career, no actually in my life. I used to always book myself into talks and events to follow that urge to be inspired but that probably happened a couple times per month. Now I’m getting addicted to this daily dose of inspiration. Inspiration by people and their stories of building their businesses, following their 7th direction, going on a journey, being brave and saying yes to new things, failing and getting up again and not stopping when they hit a hurdle. I’m worried I may have to learn to cope with the fact that I may not always have as many inspiring people around me as I currently have in my tribes. That’s a tiny little concern I have sometimes. But maybe I then just revert back to my coffee, gum and what’s app addiction. But until now I’m going to bathe in all of it and charge my batteries.

6. They help me shift my mindset.

I’ve escaped my corporate job just under a year ago with little clue on what to do next besides ‘doing lots of yoga and sleep and eat well’ and ‘exploring the unknown’. My mindset was torn between: ‘Follow your heart Lisa,you can do it’ and ‘What the fuck are you doing, go get another job and stop being so restless and climb up that ladder’.

It’s only now, 10 months later, that I feel content within myself and feel like I’ve finally arrived. And that’s all due to the tribe community which helped me shift my mindset in the biggest way it’s ever been shifted. Ben Keene wrote a great article about it last year and I can only full heartedly agree.

So there you go, my 6 reasons of being a proud tribe addict.

If you excuse me now, I need to feed my addiction. You can guess which one.

P.S. Love your tribe and if you don’t have one, go and find one.

P.P.S. This is my first ever medium blog post, thanks to my tribe especially Arti (Arti Designs Her Life) for pushing me to face my fears of putting something out here where so many talented people write beautiful well written and articulated articles (not me;-). If you’ve managed to read to the end (with or without a cup of coffee)— thanks!

Love from Bali, Lisa x