Cosmic Curl and the Moth of Inconsequence

People often say that school is irrelevant. It’s in the news. It must be true? Kids learn stuff in school that they will never use in life.

Well. I use algebra. I use grammar. I use chemistry. I use art. I use history … I use economics, though I may have forgotten bookkeeping.

My high school education informs the person I am and the work that I do. Currently, I am trying to incorporate the style of Joan Miro into an illustration (above). But how many people would even recognise it as a cultural reference, even if I achieved the desired effect? Let’s be real. Does it even matter? What matters is the ability to leverage creativity.

Ken Robinson says industrial schools kill creativity and I agreed without question, until now. Now I think it’s not school, per se, that is the problem. The problem is retooling the education system fast enough to keep up with the enterprising classes in all spheres of life. That’s what impresses students and inspires them to learn. Relevance.

Is Miro relevant to life today? Well, I guess he’s still relevant to me, since the art I studied at school started a lifelong passion. I took it upon myself to copy the work of masters such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling in my assignments and these works are seared into my mind. Harnessing creativity is how we humans will solve the big problems — create new industries, build a sustainable world… at least Miro inspired those around him. How could he be irrelevant? How surreal!