You can’t fix diversity in tech without fixing the technical interview. Here’s the data.
Aline Lerner

Great post, thanks for sharing Aline. I’ve transitioned from financial analyst to digital marketer early in my career, and started learning more about front end web development this year. I’ve been lucky to have friends deep in the tech circle — and their support and experience have been so valuable! In getting through the initial frustration (e.g. layout in CSS) to more advance concepts (i.e. debugging in JS, solving algorithm puzzles, learning more about the ecosystem and plethora of DevOps tools / frameworks etc).

Another thing I have noted on my journey is the sheer amount of technical jargon in programming! This is especially challenging for candidates who are not English native speakers — to grasp abstract concepts through reading dense documentation on MDN!

I am still pushing through daily, and working towards self-learning programming through Free Code Camp. I have signed up for beta and hope to start practicing for technical interview soon!

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