How Knowing the Season Reduces Stress and Creates Success.

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There are mini seasons of success lasting one day or several. Often, it is a period of a few days where your pendulum has swung in a noticeably different direction. …

5 Simple Steps to Assured Success.

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As you probably know, the difference between wishing, wanting or hoping for something and a real goal is the action you take to get it.

However, you may have taken steps and still not gotten to your destination. How many times have you:

· said, this time I’m going to do “it”? It might be to: enroll in a class, quit smoking, lose weight, take a trip, get in better shape, find a new job, get a degree, find the love of your life, get a dog…

· worked at it for a day, two days, a week or a month and then relegated the goal back to wishdom? …

Dialing down fear and wiping out worry.

What causes you to worry, feel fear and experience anxiety? Many people fear not having enough money to pay bills and keep a roof over their heads. Some worry about not having enough money to retire. Some people chronically worrying about health- getting cancer, being overweight or having a major health issue. We worry about what problem we’re going to have to deal with next.

In short, what I’ve described is how fear plays a daily role in our lives, whether overt or subliminal. We may realize we have these worries, but not understand that we have the power to turn it off, or at least turn it way down. If you’re a worrier, it’s because it was role modeled for you by someone in your childhood. Worry is a learned behavior. Feeling fear is a natural occurrence from our “survival’ brain, but what we do with the fear- hang on to it, make decisions based on it, or tell it to go away- is a choice. …


Lisa Zawistowski

Lisa is a happiness & success coach, blogger and CEO at

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