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Get To The Gym

Get to the gym. It’s that simple. Get to the gym.

Abandon the distractions, put down your work, leave the kids, or climb out of your warm bed. Whatever you…

Imagined Workout Diaries of Famous Writers

William Faulkner, 1 RM Deadlifts

Why You Should Try Again

I went to bed a hero and woke up a schmuck.

How’s that?

I wrote a post at night, set it to auto-publish while I slept, then woke

This Post Is Not About Boats

Why do you care if someone else fails?

Why are you focused on other boats on the water instead of your own? Sometimes, do you rejoice when…

Your Choices, Your Time

A simple change may be able to free hours in your day.

One thought for your day: “What we give to others stays within us.”(Marianne…

Project Kindness: The Jason Fine Story

We all know cancer sucks. Jason Fine knows that better than most, because it’s killing him. But he’s going down swinging with kindness.

For the first time, I’ve published another writer on my blog, because time is short and I think you should know Jason’s story while he still draws breath on this Earth. Project Kindness is perhaps…

Don’t Let Darkness Grow

We feel dark. Depressed. Down. Whatever you want to call it.

We’re just barely ourselves, or we’re the lowest energy form of ourselves. Dark…

I’m Not Dying For Points

I was chasing (or trying to chase) my riding partner up a dusty trail yesterday when it occurred to me, in the middle of mashing my pedals and sucking the warm…

Where They Hide The Great

How bad do you want it?

How much will you give?

The answers to these two questions will do more than guide you; they will…

Thought Alone Won’t Do It

I know there are tons of positive-thought books and websites and social media pages. People will tell you that if you think great thoughts…

Things They Won’t Tell You About Being a Writer

6. Happiness is death. An unfruitful wasteland of euphoria. You might as well grind your pens in the disposal and run your Mini over your…