Not Everyone Will Like You

Some people are simply not going to like you.

No matter how wonderful, charming, or fabulous you are (or think you are), there are some folks who won’t like you. They will turn up their nose, spin a shoulder, and ignore or be outright hostile to you.

Keep going.

See, the secret to life is not winning over everyone you meet. The goal is not rapidly adding to your fan count. The end game is not having the biggest Twitter or Facebook or Instagram account of all time. The top of the mountain is not being the most popular kid in school.

The goal is reaching the people you need to reach. The people who need you. The folks who feed you and whom you feed. Your tribe. Finding them and them finding you. This is what success looks like.

It’s easy to get caught up in the other rush, though. Popularity, like money, has a loud voice.

But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to it and be distracted off your path. Your way will not be found in the brambles, but in the sureness of your footfalls on the trail you know to be true.

Center yourself. Tune into you who are.

Be so confident in your own worth that the winds of criticism and hostility do nothing but howl outside your shelter.

Remember, the words “ignore” and “ignorance” share an origin. This is not a mistake. And you are not a mistake.

Be warm and safe inside this shelter of yourself, with your tribe, listening and conversing. You have much to teach each other.

Keep going.

Speak once, listen twice. And love beyond numbers.
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Originally published at Words With Lisbeth.

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