It hurt me deeply when they said that having lived half of their lives, English made them feel like dependent babies.
Struggle and Love
Hanjiaxin Bao

This resonates with me deeply. I remember immigrating from Mexico to the U.S. at a young age with my parents. My dad had been to the U.S. previously and had a general understanding of English. My mother on the other hand struggled then and still struggles now. I remember growing up and having to help my mom fill out paperwork at the doctor or translate whenever we were out at the store, etc. During that time as a young child I did not understand and was confused on why my mom couldn’t learn English. Throughout time I have grown to realize that learning a new language is extremely difficult especially when you try to learn it as an adult. It wasn’t that my mom didn’t try hard enough because she tried multiple times but she was never “successful”. My mother leaving her home country was difficult especially when you come to a place that feels foreign and you are unable to communicate. Now as an adult I feel forever grateful of my mother scarifies. I hope I can someday repay her for everything she has done for me.

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