Innovative Water Technology for Prime Minister Modi on His Historic Visit to Israel This Month

On the heels of our newest product release, the TestDrop Pro was the ideal ambassador of Israeli innovation’s relevance to the Indian nation. As on most official visits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will received presentations from a handful of technology companies demonstrating the startup nation’s penchant for game-changing new ideas in the realms of medical devices, cyber security, agriculture and water to name a few. “Water is at the top of our development agenda,” said Daniel Carmon, Israel’s ambassador to India of Modi’s July 4th-6th trip to the country.

Our latest product is the TestDrop Pro, a handheld keychain device that is an inexpensive and easy-to-use consumer product for rapid detection of contaminations in drinking water. “India and the United States are our core target markets,” says CEO & co-founder Netanel Raisch. “The unpredictability and variation that’s possible among different water sources in India are profound and our mission is to democratize water quality data for the people of the largest democracy in the world.” Raisch lectured at IIT Mumbai, Welingkar University, and several others in January of this year.

Check out our adventure with the TestDrop Pro in India:

We plan to open an office in India in the coming months and are actively establishing partnerships with universities around India to test different water sources including Mumbai tap water and different bottled water companies.

India is not without its water challenges. Presently, as Tamil Nadu faces its worst drought in 140 years, water supplies are shifting and quality becomes that much more unpredictable. “Many residents have switched to private borewells to meet their requirements” said Arun Roy, of the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewage Board.

Our technology is the perfect fit for a variety of applications in India. The device detects contaminants such as E. coli, lead, PFOA, arsenic, mercury, copper, chlorine, and protein at EPA and WHO standards. Tests take two seconds and give a blue or red light indicating the presence or absence of contaminants.

“We’re all about data,” says our Chief Scientist and co-founder Dr. Alan Bauer. “The more data we can collect, the better people’s water will get.”

The future of our products will lead to more sophisticated testing devices, as well as stationary water monitoring devices in the water filter and on the kitchen faucet.

Visit to learn more about how our products can help you test your water today.

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